Hey! Did you know that you can watch your or any other player gameplay records like you are spectating in the game? No!? So here is the guide how to do it!
Battle recorder stores files at the end of every round and they are synced with G-Drive automatically. File name contains date and time when the new round on server was started.  To know  which file exactly you need, you must know the exact date and time you was playing on our server. (BF2 Server time is GMT +2), (last recorded round from server to our G-Drive storage may lag around 30 minutes)
Get demo file which you are interested and move it to the folder My documents/battlefield 2/profiles/default/demos (if there is no demos folder create one). Now start game and navigate to the community tab and launch the file you want.

Battle Recorder controls

  • Q– Brings up a menu of all the available controls such as slow mo and restart and fast forward…. Sadly there is not a rewind feature.
  • W A S & D are how you move your camera position and the Mouse is how you pitch the camera angle.
  • Space Bar will select a different player to focus on and right click will unlock off of them.
  • CTRL will lower the camera until you reach the ground and Z will raise it.
    If you want to move your camera more slowly in order to get that one good shot simply hold the SHIFT key and you camera will slow down substantially.
  • 1-0 will control the speed of the action on the game.