Please no server fps tweak

Can you make original game without fps tweak? Because gameplay is bit different, movements is improved thats good for cheaters. Some players like SKYLINE abuse it and shooting jets with TV missile thats originally not easy to do.

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  1. Firefly

    What do you mean “original game without fps tweak”?

  2. Wow, always people give a shit about tweaking the mechanism of a game to get a good experience while playing it,but let’s get back to the point of shooting a jet, well, let’s say the original game people would shoot jets as well. and it’s more likely depends on how either how skilled you are! and the ping you got!

  3. zazas

    Can you show us screenshot of server console? 🙂

  4. zazas

    Thanks for posting, looks like server fps is default. Ignore this topic.

  5. Why would you hand your IP’s to people, who might be (DoS) attackers, on a plate just like that?!

  6. Firefly

    Cant hide it from attackers anyway.

  7. zazas

    Game server IP can be viewed anyone in-game

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