Hello, I would like to make a suggestion: could you make BF2 a more realistic game? Increasing weapon damage, activating friendly fire, longer spawn time, that would be much more interesting … thanks!

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  1. Imagine! Friendly fire is on! And as always rushing into your favorite jet, and your mate is tired of standing an a wrong spot that cause him get mad losing his jet that probably got sick of waiting so much to hop into a jet, he’ll naturally grab his anti-tank weapon! and blow the shit out of you! Then you’ll come here! Screaming ! to report him, so yea, this is the only scenario that you would get.
    longer spawn in terms of getting snacks in between?! then yea, it’d be considered in the future when the humankind get lazy by the time. No offense, just kidding!

  2. Firefly

    Liciano, I see your point, but i think Jhfj scenario is exactly what will happen. Besides we tryed it already some time ago. Recived only complains.

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